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Introducing our project Black Bird Delight



The CD Black Bird Delight came out september 2021, and was recorded with my band Csókolom. The last three CDs were released by the label Arhoolie in the USA. (see also


Rhythm is a central force and beauty in the work of musicians, poets and dancers. it is also what offers meaning and comfort in our lives as our planet travels through the orbit of the sun. But the turn of the seasons are steadily becoming less distinguishable. Everything seems possible always and nothing seems to really matter.


The CD Black Bird Delight is a journey through the year, from its cradle to its grave. In the ancient Croatian names of the 12 months, the change in nature as the seasons turn and how it affects the life of the farmers is captured in poetic and often pragmatic pictures. They mirror that lost sense of rhythm and greater meaning in the cycles of birth and death, growth and withering, sadness and joy, wealth and poverty, and allow us to feel being a part of the bigger picture.


Thus January is called Sjecanj, month of chopping wood, February Veljaca, month of the big nightly pagean feasts, March is the lying month, due to the moody weather... And so it goes on, pictures full of poetry and symbolism. December is called The Beggar, suggesting that we reach the end of the year empty-handed and that we will have to start all over again.

About half of the songs are our own compositions with relevance to the months old names, the other half are arrangements based on music from Hungary and the Balkans as well as traditional songs of the Roma-people from those regions.


My fantastic fellow musicians from Germany and the Netherlands are:

Sander Hoving, kontraviola, viola and violin

Jens Piezunka, double bass and vocals

Martin Flindt, guitar

Jan v. Klewitz, alto sax

Johannes Lauer, trombone

I am: Anti v. Klewitz, violin, viola and vocals.


In the booklet that comes with the CD you will find translations of the names of the months as well as those of all the lyrics, sung predominantely in Croatian, Hungarian and Romanesz.